Sunday, 27 January 2008

And so it begins...

The official first ever post.

This week saw the unleashing of my latest movie 'Jimmy Tickle's Magic Pickles' on an unsuspecting web. This effort marks my first 'tweened' film, which is a process unlike traditional animation where the characters are broken down into separate parts (i.e. arms, legs, head etc) and manipulated via the computer to give the illusion of movement, as opposed to being redrawn frame by frame.

The end result is something akin to cut out animation which is a required taste, it's main appeal is the turnover period which is frighteningly quicker than frame by frame. I personally think it can look awesome if you play to it's strenghs and blend it with frame by frame.

As far as the film is concerned I'm quite satisfied with the movement of Jimmy (not so much the other 'adult' characters) but feel I missed the mark as far the writing is concerned, a scene from the original script was cut to ensure the film was completed on time which in retrospect was a bad idea as the joke was effectively lost, still, the voices are goofy enough ....right?

The film been showcased on and on the frontpage of Newgrounds. Whoop whoop!

Here is the very washed out looking avi on youtube. Better quality videos coming soon.